Top Window Choices for Your Custom Home Owners

Many of us have a dream to build a custom home? Custom homes are buildings where special and unique construction ideas are implemented. It is quite a daunting task to build a custom home. While building a custom home you have to personalize the plan according to the customer’s choice. The design of the home should be such that it matches the needs of the home owners. Important things to consider while building a custom home may include bathroom, kitchen, Lighting, electrical and Plumbing, Closet Organization, outdoor designing and heating and cooling systems.

But Window and flooring choices are two of the most vital things to consider while building a custom home.

Best windows for the custom homes

From an architect’s point of view, windows are the most important element in a house and the choice of window your choice has to be sturdy as well as attractive. Windows are like exterior envelope of the house that protects the interior of the house from heat, dust, rain and so many other things. Modern buildings codes have minimum energy efficiency standards for windows. Using high quality windows can be pretty expensive, from an architect’s point of view it is recommended to use the best possible window available that the budget allows, even if you have to compromise somewhere else.

Vinyl Windows- These are the most economical windows available in the market. They do not need painting and comes in very limited color choices. Though they are pretty affordable, yet as they can be made in different customized sizes and provide a traditional look, these windows are quite popular everywhere. Even upscale custom home owners prefer Vinyl windows.

Vinyl clad windows- One disadvantage of traditional Vinyl windows is the frames sag over time and look unattractive. The modern Vinyl Clad wood windows are better than the traditional ones since the frames are made of wood with a protective vinyl cover on the exterior of the windows. These windows are beautiful and stronger yet they are easy to clean and maintain.

Fiberglass- Next come the Fiber glass quality. These are expensive and more durable than the Vinyl windows. Fiberglass windows come in a variety of colors and they designed in such a way as if it is real wood. Also fiber glass windows are energy efficient and if required can be painted.

Aluminium Clad wood windows- These are one of the most standard window options that are installed in most custom homes. The modern clad windows are highly energy efficient and perform great for a long period of time. The exterior cladding can be designed into various options depending on the customer’s choice.

Traditional Wood windows- If the custom home owner wants to give a tradition look to the home, wood windows can be a good option. Wooden windows give extra warmth to the house and give the house that edgy Vintage look. This is the reason why most window manufactures try to make Vinyl and fiberglass windows look like real wood.

Different flooring Choices for a custom home

While choosing flooring for the custom home you need to keep in mind that this flooring has to last for a minimum 10 years. So while choosing flooring options for the home makes sure the flooring is sturdy as well as good looking. Some best flooring choices may include as per EQ Custom Builders Like Them On Facebook:

Hardwood- Harwood flooring is not only classy but it also ups the resale value of the home. Solid hardwood flooring is made up of a single piece of hardwood with a thickness of 3/4th inch. Because of its thickness it tends to last for a long period of time. The only drawback is its too expensive.

Carpet flooring- Many modern day custom homes are installing carpet flooring as these are less expensive and super soft to walk on. It is a good option if there are kids at home.

Tile flooring- Next to hardwood, tile flooring are the most durable and water resistant option. Tile flooring is also easy to maintain so it is a good option for custom homes.

Laminate- Laminates are replicas of wooden flooring which does not scratch yet provide that classy look. These are less expensive than wood flooring.